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The problem of practice I am investigating are students who identify as Black and Latinx who are experiencing a statistically significant low sense of belonging at Riverview High School in comparison to their White and Asian counterparts, based on survey data for the past two years. Research has shown that students’ sense of belonging stem from four major factors (1) friendship nominations, (2) time on extracurricular activities, (3) bonding with teacher, and (4) perceived discrimination. By focusing on targeted programming, this study aims to determine the two solutions that can target low sense of belonging for Black and Latinx students. Sense of belonging is addressed through the use of the CASEL SEL framework and racial equity professional development by way of Beyond Diversity to set the conditions to designing and implementing SEL curriculum while targeting the elimination of racial bias among staff. These two solutions strengthen the aforementioned four dimensions of student sense of belonging in a high school setting.

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