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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


School Psychology


The fundamental goal of school psychological service delivery is to enhance the learning and mental health of all students, regardless of their school setting. However, there is evidence to suggest that school psychologists' professional needs and experiences may differ based on the context in which they work. The urban school context, in particular, is associated with several challenges that may impact school psychology practice, including the impact of systemic barriers, systematic marginalization of children and families, and limited resources. To better prepare school psychologists to support urban learners, efforts to understand their training needs must be prioritized. Still, the views and beliefs of urban school psychologists have been largely understudied in the literature. This study utilized a qualitative phenomenological approach to explore urban practitioners' perspectives regarding their graduate training and professional experiences. Findings from this study revealed a number of critical training areas for urban school psychologists that may enhance preparedness and perceived effectiveness in their roles. Implications for training and practice, along with recommendations for future research, are also discussed.

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