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Technology advances at a pace that far exceeds the rate of change possible in education. Without adjustments to their pedagogy, teachers continue leveraging pedagogical practices that do not match the effective use of technology in classrooms. This qualitative, retrospective instrumental case study explores two areas of the connected elementary classroom: (1) how teachers adapt their instructional practices as a result of 1:1 device adoption at their school and (2) teacher perceptions of change to classroom communication and student engagement the adoption of 1:1 devices. The data for this study was collected through a questionnaire, three-part semi-structured interviews, and district document analysis. Pedagogical changes in 1:1 classrooms occurred through review and practice of TPK and TCK, the use of data to inform practice, and reflection on current practices. Teacher pedagogy was impacted by organizational and personal factors which impeded change. These findings illustrate the value of communities of practice, support structures for ongoing training and development, organizational partnership, and fostering a fail-forward culture.

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