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The purpose of this self-study is to better understand and address the factors that influence continuous improvement efforts led by the researcher/practitioner. To this end, this study applies Bolman and Deal’s 4-frame model of organizational learning lenses to school improvement indicators on the Illinois 5Essentials Survey. Through taking Bolman and Deal’s Online 4-frame Self-assessment, I am able to identify the organizational learning lens least integrated into my own leadership worldview. The organizational learning lenses that comprise Bolman and Deal’s 4-frame model are the structural, symbolic, human resource, and political lenses. I then apply core tenets of my least integrated lens to low-performing school improvement efforts through reflective journaling on prompts derived from a summation of core attributes of the identified lens to low-performing school improvement indicators of the 5Essentials Survey. After collecting the journaling data, it is coded to determine the prevalence of the different organizational learning theories that underpin the least integrated lens in my leadership approach to school improvement. From there, the following broader research questions are considered:How do the most prevalent organizational learning theories from my least integrated 4-frame-lens inform continuous improvement efforts in regard to this 5Essentials survey topic? Based upon identified theories and concepts from my lowest percentile Bolman and Deal lens, what factors am I considering or not considering when engaging in continuous improvement concerning this 5Essential survey topic? By deliberately applying under-considered principles to self-study reflection on continuous improvement efforts, I can more holistically articulate and understand factors that influence these efforts.

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