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The purpose of this dissertation is to examine how students of Somali-Jareer Bantu descent experience education, particularly how they navigate higher education in the United States and how they make meaning of their experiences. Grounded in a descriptive phenomenological approach, the design method includes semi-structured individual and focus group interviews, with a holistic interpretative phenomenological analysis as a method of data analysis. This study utilizes descriptive phenomenology to investigate how Somali-Jareer Bantu students experience higher education in the U.S. and make meaning of their multiple identities as they navigate higher education environments. Using this methodological approach, the following questions guide this study’s review of the literature and framing of its research questions: (1) What is the experience of Black immigrants in U.S. higher education? (2) What is the known status of Somali-Jareer Bantus, particularly regarding their immigration status, background, and relationship to the major Somali ethnic groups? (3) What is the experience of Somali-Jareer Bantus in the educational systems of Somalia and the U.S.?

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