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This study examines teacher perceptions of universal design for learning (UDL) and the systemic changes that might occur during implementation. The study compares differences in teacher perceptions based upon implementation year. Classroom observations, interviews, and survey of teachers and administrators from one Midwestern school district provide data for this study. Results of this study show that overall teachers feel positive about implementing UDL. Teachers experience both successes and obstacles during the implementation of UDL. Teachers have differing views of what UDL is supposed to look like in the classroom and many teachers are unsure of how to apply UDL into teaching and how to manage and organize instruction using UDL. The question that surfaces is whether UDL-in-action has been defined accurately enough. Teachers perceive a major change in their teaching since implementing UDL, but have varying concerns in the district or building support level for UDL. The level of use of technology with UDL is also a point of discussion in this study. For this school district, systemic change begins at the district level with a shift in the district vision and with a shared common language of UDL. The most challenging change district-wide is in transforming individual vision or philosophy of the teaching and learning process to incorporate universal design for learning.

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