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The roles and responsibilities of the school principal have changed throughout the years, and, with that, the face of the principalship has changed, too. The average age of principals in the United States is 57 with a significant portion of those individuals retiring within the next ten years (United States Department of Labor, 2008). As these principals retire, the qualities and characteristics of the next generation of principals must be identified. However, it may not be as easy to fill these vacancies as it once was. Within the context of the research that has been done on Generation X, the Theory of Professional Vitality and the Job Attraction Theory, this study investigated the roles and responsibilities of the principalship as perceived by Illinois public elementary and middle school principals who belong to Generation X. Responses to this study indicated that Generation X principals are motivated by observing personal growth within members of the school community and challenged by the time required to complete the many tasks required of the public school principal.

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