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Demands to changes of instruction for mathematics classrooms are presented in

standards promoted by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Illinois State

Board of Education and other government reports creates a demand for teacher

professional development to support teachers to adapt to these changes of instruction.

The overall purpose of this study investigated characteristics of effective professional

development and how those characteristics are associated with teacher job satisfaction

and teacher working conditions. With the completion of this dissertation, this study adds

to the literature relevant to teacher professional development by demonstrating an

association between teacher professional development and teacher working conditions.

This non-experimental quantitative study examined 23 lists of characteristics of

professional development to provide designers of professional development programs the

frequency that specific characteristics were mentioned on the 23 lists. Also, this study

administered a Likert scale questionnaire to secondary mathematics teachers to measure

the teachers' perception of the three variables: teacher professional development, teacher

job satisfaction, and teacher working conditions. The completed questionnaires were used

to calculate measures of the three variables and these measures were used to calculate

Pearson correlation coefficients. Ultimately, tests of correlations were conducted with

the Pearson correlation coefficients to measure the associations between the three

variables. Four research questions relating to these associations were created that guided

the details of this quantitative study.

The results of the data analysis revealed a statistically significant association

between teacher professional development and teacher working conditions. Also, the

results of a second test of correlation revealed that the association between teacher

professional development and teacher job satisfaction was not significant.

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