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The nascent field of mixed methods research has yet to develop a cohesive framework of guidelines and procedures for mixed methods data analysis (Greene, 2008). To support the field's development of analytical frameworks, this case study reflects on the development and implementation of a mixed methods study engaged in integrated data analysis. The purpose of this study is to describe how inquiry and methodological components influence integrated data analysis decisions, and to describe the processes and outcomes of engaging in integrated data analysis. The sample for this case study is a mixed methods study that was developed within the context of a program evaluation of the U.S. Department of Education Teaching American History grant, the American Dreams Project. This study suggests that mixed methods researchers should consider how qualitative and quantitative methodologies influence integrated data analysis approaches, embrace the generative possibilities of dissonance between qualitative and quantitative results, and engage in iterative, inquiry oriented analyses of qualitative and quantitative data that respect the multiple perspectives, or mental models, of the researchers involved in the study.

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