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The purpose of this study was focused on the various perceived impacts created by the expansion to a four-tier teacher performance evaluation rating model which would inform educational leaders in the State of Illinois. By studying the experiences of principals in two other states who previously underwent the same change, Florida and Massachusetts, a number of insights were found that can serve to inform Illinois.

The intended impacts found from expanding the performance ratings included the promotion of teacher growth, recognition of teacher excellence, promotion of teacher remediation, and support in dismissing ineffective teachers. The unintended impacts that were found included low teacher morale, interference with teacher growth, teacher stress, and difficulty dismissing teachers; while others found no unintended impact.

In regards to the intended impact of having multiple tiers for standard attainment or deficiency the research found that these tiers help to delineate the performance of those meeting standards and those not meeting standards while no significant unintended impacts were found.

The most significant of the messages to inform Illinois included the fact that instruction was the most positively impacted of the Charlotte Danielson domains while professional responsibilities was the least impacted. Also, it was realized that more time was needed both within and across academic years to more effectively meet the demands of the evaluation process.

Given these findings the researcher posited that two major lessons learned. First, system reform needs to be given time in order to be implemented effectively and yield the desired results. Second, principals must dedicate time and energy to serving as the instructional lever in an educational organization and the school will improve under the expanded teacher evaluation rating system.

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