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This research study examined Generation Y new teachers, the process of new teacher induction, and the most effective methods for providing professional development in instructional technology for Generation Y teachers.

The main research questions for this paper were as follows:

1. What constitutes a high quality new teacher induction program for Generation Y teachers in the area of instructional technology?

2. What recommendations should be made for school districts in order for them to properly train their new Generation Y teachers in the best uses of instructional technology?

3. What are the implications for school leaders?

This was a qualitative case study of one school district considered exemplary in the use of technology. Four areas of data collection were utilized during this study including semi-structured interviews of administrators, an online survey of Generation Y new teachers, a collection of artifacts related to new teacher induction, and observations of new teacher and mentor meetings.

Participation in this study was voluntary and included the completion of a "Letter of Cooperation" by all administrators and teachers. Data collected during the study were analyzed through the conceptual frameworks of the Nebraska Rubric for Essential Technology Conditions (RETC) and the Illinois Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Beginning Teacher Induction Programs (2008).

This study concluded that the school district under review has developed a new teacher induction program that meets all but one of the Illinois standards. In addition, this study concluded that that the Generation Y teachers in this school district do not feel as if they have received enough or the proper types of training in the use of technology in their classrooms upon the start of their teaching careers. This research study further teased out the need for instructional technology training based on the specific characteristics of Generation Y new teachers.

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