Date of Award

Spring 5-2023

Degree Type


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Doctor of Education (EdD)


School Psychology

First Advisor

Amy C. Nelson Christensen


Few studies examine Black school psychologists' experiences of racial microaggressions in the work environment. However, based on the available literature on the impact of racial microaggression on Black school psychology graduate students, it can be argued that Black school psychology practitioners' experiences with racial microaggressions are similar to graduate students in school psychology training programs. Thus, school-based practitioners are at increased risk of psychological trauma, stress, burnout, and diminished self-efficacy, all of which threaten the retention of Black psychologists. This capstone project provides an overview of racial microaggressions, examines the impact of microaggressions on the practice of school psychology, and introduces evidence-based strategies school districts can take to improve work climates for Black School Psychologists.

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