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Under the Plan for Transformation section 8 voucher use and mixed-income developments have increased in Chicago. Several developments have been demolished and replaced with mixed-income developments that are argued to provide better conditions and opportunities for public housing residents, but empirically have mixed results. Lathrop Homes is a public housing development that has withstood the mass demolitions and efforts to make it mixed-income because of resident and organizer challenges to the Chicago Housing Authority. Resident and organizer input for this study reveals their strong stance against the mixed-income development Lathrop Homes could become. The interests behind opposition might diverge, but whatever the case it is having a powerful impact on the decisions to move forward with the redevelopment by CHA and the city. The residents at Lathrop are fighting for what they view as their right, and their efforts are indicative of other public housing residents throughout the city and across the nation.

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