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Master of Science (MS)


Microbiology and Immunology


Clean catch was developed before the advancement of more sensitive assays for culturing urinary bacteria. I reassessed clean catch, endeavoring to optimize this method. Periurethral swabs and voided urines were routinely collected, while analyzing different aspects of the method. I determined that midstream urine contained the least amount of vulvo-vaginal contamination and that the time of collection did not impact the results. I also determined that the use of antiseptic wipes prior to void increased the level of vulvo-vaginal contamination. A small cohort of females collected daily urines over a 17-day period and kept a strict alcohol diary. Females who participated in binge drinking showed an acute drop in urinary Lactobacillus following binge drinking. This study provides us with a protocol that generates reproducible data with periurethral swabs and voided urines. It also alerts us to life style factors or collection procedures that should be avoided prior to sample collection.

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