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The purpose of this teacher action research study was to assess choral education pedagogy through the perspective of high school choir students. The research question asked: How can I utilize student interpretation and critique in order to empirically self-reflect on my choral teaching practice and its cultural relevance? Interpretation and critique are defined as student opportunities to give feedback, both positive and negative, in the form of qualitative oral discussion and quantitative, linear ranking. While research has shown that culturally relevant pedagogy allows for more student engagement and success, I hypothesized that this study would show that students who perceive their music education as culturally reflective and relevant would in turn be more interested in continuing to sing in the upcoming semester and as adults because they felt recognized and valued in the classroom setting. Qualitative-dominant data was collected from choir students grades 10-12 at a private, all-girls, Catholic Chicagoland high school. Survey data and brief, semi-structured discussion data was collected at two points during the 2017 fall semester.

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