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Meningiomas (MN) are primary brain tumors originating in the meningeal covering of the central nervous system. These tissues can evolve through familial inheritance (NF2, Cowden Syndrome, or Werner Syndrome) or sporadic mutations. The WHO categorizes MNs into three grades (I-III); Grade I contain benign tumors and Grade III the most aggressive. Increasing grade coincides with an increase in genetic diversity, making universal treatments difficult. MNs are typically treated with hydroxyurea (HU), but this chemotherapy agent has many adverse side effects, leading to research in less toxic options. This study uses ion channel antagonists for T- and L-type calcium channels using mibefradil and nimodipine, respectively. These drugs were tested in two MN cell lines, IOMM-Lee (Grade III) and CH-157MN (unknown high grade). This study found that both antagonists alone decreased cell viability in either cell line, and importantly, there was a potentiating effect in combination treatment of HU and mibefradil in IOMM-Lee cell lines.

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