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The goal of this current research was to explore the role of a putative membraneandrogen receptor (AR) in modulating the viability of various models of glioma/astrocytoma, relative to normal (non-tumor) astrocytes. We hypothesized that binding to the membrane AR could enhance the sensitivity of glioma cells to toxic insult (i.e., the chemotherapeutic, Temozolomide, TMZ), while leaving “normal” astrocytes unscathed. Our data reveal that binding to the putative membrane AR sensitized C6 glioma cells to TMZ and the oxidative/metabolic insult, iodoacetic acid (IAA). And while there was some evidence that binding to the membrane AR could enhance the effect of TMZ in the T98G glioblastoma cells, little to no impact on “normal” astrocytes was noted. These data lay the foundation for the further exploring the membrane AR as a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of glial tumors, for which the prognosis is often poor.

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