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There is a disparity of minority students' participation in study abroad, and establishing best practices for successful recruitment would assist in closing this gap. This project will look to add research toward reaching such best practices by analyzing the methods of recruiting minority students into higher education study abroad programs. What methods are universities using to recruit minority students into study abroad, and how do these compare to the methods used by enrollment management to recruit minority students into an institution? In order to answer these questions, I will use a qualitative analysis through interviews of study abroad and enrollment management staff members at one large public and one medium to small private universities in two cities. The interviews discuss any minority recruitment programs or initiatives at their current institutions and offices and their past institutions and offices as well as the staff members' perspective on such programs. I will then compare the two offices' initiatives within a singular institution as well as across institution types and cities in order to determine any patterns or peculiarities. Looking at study abroad recruitment through the lens of enrollment management recruitment procedures may add to the growing research knowledge. Adding this element to this research project will enhance the likelihood of finding recruitment patterns.

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