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Short-term study abroad programs are quickly becoming the new norm for study abroad within higher education. Results from the Institute of International Education's opendoors 2009 research show that short-term programs were the most popular during the 2007-08 academic year with 56% of students participating in this type of exchange. Many graduate programs of U.S. institutions are now expanding international program offerings to include short-term options to accommodate their students, particularly graduate-level students. Graduate-level students often times have other responsibilities such as full-time employment, young families, etc. which prevent them from participating in full-term study abroad programs. As such, these students seek international opportunities by participating in short-term exchange programs within their academic program. Through surveying Master of Business Administration students who have participated in a short-term study abroad program, I attempt to show the impact of such programs in terms of academic learning, professional advancement, and multicultural and diversity appreciation.

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