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Upon gaining mayoral control of DCPS on June 12, 2007, Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Rhee immediately challenged DCPS procedure and outspokenly called for increased accountability from all stakeholders. Washington's contemporary reform reveals that not only was teacher accountability an important component of reform policy in Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Rhee's educational ideology, it functioned as an essential standard. This document based analysis utilizes the WTU/DCPS teachers' contract, DCPS and WTU press releases, and the framework of the IMPACT/IMPACTplus performance-based pay system to examine the relationship between the WTU and the Fenty Administration amidst Chancellor Rhee's reform policies. The turbulent relationship between the WTU and Fenty Administration highlights the political failure of Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Rhee's tenure. The thesis will begins with mayoral control instituted in D.C. on June 12, 2007 and closes with Chairman Gray's victory over Mayor Fenty in the 2010 mayoral election.

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