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Since the formation of the United States of America the debate over the environment of America as a melting pot in which immigrants assimilate or as a salad bowl in which immigrants acculturate rages on. Acculturation in its conceptual definition is dualistic, meaning it affects not just the immigrating group but also the host culture group (Berry, 1990). In most research, however, acculturation only refers to the change in the acculturating group and not to the host culture group. This study examined the multidimensionality of attitudes toward Middle Eastern immigrants through an investigation of intergroup relations (threat, perceived group permeability) and individual differences (national identity, brain hemispheric dominance). Results revealed positive attitudes toward contact, cultural maintenance and tolerance are most affected by nationalism and perceived permeability between American and Middle Eastern groups. Brain hemisphere dominance failed to display a linear relationship with tolerance or

acculturation strategy preference.

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