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The proposed research study deals with Latino groups' stereotypes, the content that makes up those stereotypes, and the effects the stereotypes have on Latinos' general well-being. This project investigates the origins of stereotype content using a general theory of stereotype content that is composed of two theories: social role theory (Eagly et al., 2000) and the stereotype content model (Fiske et al., 2003; Fiske et al., 1999). Short questionnaires on three different Latino groups in American society were completed by non-Latino respondents in the Chicago area, and an extended questionnaire on Latino groups was completed by Latino respondents in the Chicago area. This research is aimed to produce a better understanding of Latino stereotype content as perceived by the non-Latino and Latino public, stereotype change from before the highly-debated immigration issue to the present, and the impact of Latino stereotypes on Latino groups' self-esteem and future outlook.

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