Photoinduced Switching of Dihydroindolizines (DHIs) in Solution and Solid State

Patrycja Maja Wierzbicki, Loyola University Chicago


This thesis describes the synthesis and spectroscopic evaluation of photochemically active molecules DHIs (dihydroindolizines) designed to perform complex functions for electronic applications. All compounds described herein are based on photochemically active core and terminated with thiol moiety which allows assembly onto gold surfaces. Photoinduced switching of DHIs was tested in solution and as self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on the surface of the optically transparent gold. Spectroscopic methods including 1H NMR, 13C NMR, HR MS, and IR confirmed the successful synthesis of anticipated molecules. Ellipsometry was used to confirm assembly of the target DHIs on the surface of gold. UV-vis experiments provided evidence that DHI-3 switches in solution, but not on the surface. On the other hand, data confirms that DHI-4 and 5 are switching in solution and on the surface. It is concluded that DHI-4 and 5 successfully switch on the surface but do not relaxing back to their original state.