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Results from previous experiments have provided evidence for T-type channel expression in adult pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMCs) using electrophysiology and qRT-PCR. Studies have also shown that when T-type channels are blocked, either pharmacological or with small hairpin RNA targeted against T-type channel Cav3.1 subunit, mRNA levels are reduced and cell proliferation is inhibited. These results suggest a connection between T-type calcium channels and cell proliferation. In this thesis, Cav3.1 and its possible interplay with cyclin D, an early marker of the cell cycle, was investigated. The time course of cyclin D's translocation to the nucleus to begin the cell cycle was studied and once a baseline was established, the T-type Ca2+ channel was knocked down either using a pharmacological blocker, mibefradil, or with shRNA and its effects on the nuclear translocation of cyclin D are presented. Our results suggest that a connection exists between Cav3.1 and cyclin D in the initiation of the cell cycle.

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