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Our lab established that moderate ethanol preconditioning (MEP) for 6 days blocked the Aâ25-35 toxicity in cerebellar mixed cell cultures and It has been shown that MEP cause the up regulation of the pre-survival enzymes such as proxiredoxin2 (PRX2), which suggests MEP can activate the cell survival pathways against upcoming toxins.

This study was performed to verify the possible combinatory effect of ethanol and resveratrol against Aâ25-35 toxicity. Both ethanol and resveratrol sub-protective concentrations were detected against Aâ25-35 in cerebellar mixed cell cultures. The combination of sub-protective levels of ethanol and resveratrol showed the significantly reduction in number of Aâ25-35 toxicity compare to preconditioning with ethanol or resveratrol alone. The western blot analysis revealed that proxiredoxin2 levels were increased significantly in preconditioned cell cultures with combined sub-protective level of ethanol and resveratrol.

Combination of sub-protective levels of ethanol and resveratrol showed synergistic protection against Aâ25-35 toxicity.

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