Topics in Middle Eastern and North African Economies

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Taking advantage of various oil crises, particularly during the first fifteen years of the twenty-first century, Algeria has managed to raise significant financial resources and place it in relatively favorable conditions for economic success, to become emerging countries. Despite a huge effort, the Algerian economy has not been able to emerge, what are the factors that contributed to this failure? The predominance of the annuitant nature of the economy gave rise to the “Dutch disease” which certainly played an important role in the unfavourable evolution of Algerian economy.The solution to the problem of the Algerian economy lies in an a action of transformation of its structure and the search for partnership, especially a winwin partnership is an important part of the solution. Can the partnership with China meet this challenge? Sino-Algerian relations are not new. Over the past decade they have experienced an important development that places China among the main economic partners of Algeria, which gives China a leading role in achieving the long-awaited target pertaining to the emergence of the Algerian economy. This paper will focus on determining the ability of Chinese investment in boosting the Algerian economy

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Topics in Middle Eastern and North African Economies




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