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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by differences in social communication and restrictive and repetitive interests. Although progress has been made in understanding its phenomenology, underlying mechanisms for core and co-occurring difficulties remain elusive. Emerging evidence suggests that emotion processing and regulation play a critical role in the challenges experienced by autistic individuals. This special issue provides current thinking related to methods, research, and practice in the field of emotion processing and regulation in ASD, and to integrate study findings to elucidate underlying mechanisms. With a global perspective, article coverage includes (1) explorations of the neurological underpinnings of emotion processing differences in individuals with and without autism, (2) emotion recognition and related issues (i.e., theory of mind, temperament) in siblings of autistic children, (3) examinations of the interplay between emotion, anxiety, sensory sensitivities and internalizing and externalizing challenges, and (4) emotion processing in real-world applications, including driving and adjustment to college.


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