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Cognitive Development: Theories, Stages and Processes and Challenges



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Although cogmttve development and emotional development are often viewed as separate components in the development of the child, the two are intricately related to each other. The purpose of this chapter is to review and examine how cognitive development is related to emotional development, and how traditional and current theories of cognitive development provide us with a framework for understanding the development of emotion processing in children. Topics explored in this chapter include the role of executive functioning, language development and cognitive concepts of self on the development of emotional competence. Moreover, three theories of cognitive development: Theory of Mind, Weak Central Coherence theory and Systemizing Theory are considered in relation to cognitive and emotional processing in a special population, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Finally, this chapter concludes with a discussion of the remaining challenges for theories of cognitive development, especially in terms of exploring the reciprocal relation between cognition and emotion.




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