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What is the one thing you can count on as far as goals are concerned? Not one thing but many things and secondly- your goals are similar to goals of many people around the world, who (interestingly enough) have really nothing in common with you. And finally- that is because how we decide our goals, has very little to do with what is inside us and more about the surrounding influences.

Just lean back and think about how much you are taught and selectively exposed to - by way of opinions, ideas, thoughts about what an ideal life is? Who an ideal partner is? And what your work should be? For instance, for a long time, women were told they would make good nurses and teachers, but not good school principals or doctors… same field but a lower level of achievement, very few women have ever heard anyone say, why don’t you join the army?

The collective mindset has always been present, but the freedom to differ has never been as pronounced or necessary. One reason is that the people influencing you are not likely to be legitimate authorities – meaning they are less likely to be your family, who is more invested in your well-being, as a rule… there are always exceptions, the second reason is that the people influencing you are likely to be under-informed – meaning your friends or peer groups or video You Tube Channels are filled with people who want to talk or say something but do not have expertise in the subject area. Finally, the time is money concept – meaning the buffers or protections in all our lives have reduced and by the time you reach a goal, quite a lot of your life is spent on the pathway.

One key Question to ask yourself is to - Define who is your collective?

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