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Friendens-Räume: Interkulturelle Friedenstheologie in feministisch-theologischer Perspektive


The current times are characterized in all regions of the world by violence, (civil) war, terrorism and various exclusions due to gender, social, religious or ethical affiliation. In Latin America, the time of the civil war continues to openly or covertly. Violence in the form of crime, drug wars and the Mara (youth gangs) involved in them and, above all, violence against women are a growing threat. Peace is increasingly fragile.

Despite the practical commitment of Christians, peace theology is a desideratum, even in Latin America, although the theories of liberation offer starting points.

Given these challenges, this book focuses on the question of fragile peace. The authors lay out slopes for a peace theology in a feminist liberation theological and intercultural perspective and the foundations for a new presence of the Christian in public space - in the service of a »good life«, human rights and intercultural peace work. A multifaceted plea to open up new ways of a "peace-space theology" and to fill it with life.

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