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The ecclesial renewal promoted by the Second Vatican Council would not have been possible without the intrepid labors of Catholic theologians, philosophers, and pastors in the decades preceding the Council. Among these Catholic visionaries, the French Catholic philosopher Maurice Blonde! (1861-1949) rnerits special recognition. He had a decisive impact on ressourcement theologians who helped to draft the conciliar documents. Blondel's influence is especially evident in their critique of conceptual rationalism that marked the pre-conciliar scholastic manuals, in the articulation of a richer understanding of the Church's tradition, and in the Council's teaching of a unitary human destiny. Blondel's thought contributed to the overcoming of a one-sided siege mentality with which the Church had responded to modern developments. Though Blondel was long suspect among certain scholastics, the Council implicitly vindicated key aspects of his ''philosophy of action." Blonde! is appropriately called "the philosopher of Vatican 11. "


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