Jane E. Buikstra, Arizona State University
Sharon N. DeWitte, University of South Carolina
Sabrina C. Agarwal, University of California - Berkeley
Brenda J. Baker, Arizona State University
Eric J. Bartelink, California State University, Chico
Elizabeth Berger, University of California, Riverside
Kelly E. Blevins, University of Durham
Katelyn Bolhofner, Arizona State University
Alexis T. Boutin, Sonoma State University
Megan B. Brickley, McMaster University
Michele R. Buzon, Purdue University
Carlina de la Cova, University of South Carolina - Columbia
Lynne Goldstein, Michigan State University
Rebecca Gowland, Durham University
Anne L. Grauer, Loyola University ChicagoFollow
Lesley A. Gregoricka, University of South Alabama
Siân E. Halcrow, University of Otago
Sarah A. Hall, Arizona State University
Simon Hillson, University College London
Ann M. Kakaliouras, Whittier College
Haagen D. Klaus, George Mason University
Kelly J. Knudson, Arizona State University
Christopher J. Knüsel, Universite Bordeaux I
Clark Spencer Larsen, The Ohio State University
Debra L. Martin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
George R. Milner, The Pennsylvania State University
Mario Novak, Institute for Anthropological Research
Kenneth C. Nystrom, State University of New York College at New Paltz
Sofía I. Pacheco-Forés, Hamline University
Tracy L. Prowse, McMaster University
Gwen Robbins Schug, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Charlotte A. Roberts, Durham University
Jessica E. Rothwell, Arizona State University
Ana Luisa Santos, Universidade de Coimbra
Christopher M. Stojanowski, Arizona State University
Anne C. Stone, Arizona State University
Kyra E. Stull, University of Nevada, Reno
Daniel H. Temple, George Mason University
Christina M. Torres, Universidad Católica del Norte
J. Marla Toyne, University of Central Florida
Tiffany A. Tung, Vanderbilt University
Jaime Ullinger, Quinnipiac University
Karin Wiltschke-Schrotta, Natural History Museum Vienna
Sonia R. Zakrzewski, University of Southampton

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American Journal of Biological Anthropology





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This article presents outcomes from a Workshop entitled “Bioarchaeology: Taking Stock and Moving Forward,” which was held at Arizona State University (ASU) on March 6–8, 2020. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the School of Human Evolution and Social Change (ASU), and the Center for Bioarchaeological Research (CBR, ASU), the Workshop's overall goal was to explore reasons why research proposals submitted by bioarchaeologists, both graduate students and established scholars, fared disproportionately poorly within recent NSF Anthropology Program competitions and to offer advice for increasing success. Therefore, this Workshop comprised 43 international scholars and four advanced graduate students with a history of successful grant acquisition, primarily from the United States. Ultimately, we focused on two related aims: (1) best practices for improving research designs and training and (2) evaluating topics of contemporary significance that reverberate through history and beyond as promising trajectories for bioarchaeological research. Among the former were contextual grounding, research question/hypothesis generation, statistical procedures appropriate for small samples and mixed qualitative/quantitative data, the salience of Bayesian methods, and training program content. Topical foci included ethics, social inequality, identity (including intersectionality), climate change, migration, violence, epidemic disease, adaptability/plasticity, the osteological paradox, and the developmental origins of health and disease. Given the profound changes required globally to address decolonization in the 21st century, this concern also entered many formal and informal discussions.


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