Symposium Purpose

What: Present LUC Faculty and Staff research & practicum initiatives that demonstrate how collective and/or grassroots efforts are working towards closing inequity gaps, along with showcasing empowerment and encouraging cultural development experiences across academic, social, political, economic and/or health & wellness arenas for African American and/or Black identified communities.

Why: The program provides an opportunity to bring awareness about equity focused support taking place among LUC faculty and staff. This includes exemplifying participants spirit of Cura Personalis through demonstrating not only their commitment to closing opportunity gaps, but also in reshaping both care and compassionate experiences within African American and/or Black identified communities.

How: Provide synchronous and asynchronous presentations online (i.e. Zoom).

When: Presentations will be available online in February 2021.

Symposium Audience: Loyola University Chicago and at-large communities that are dedicated to creating, implementing, and positively reimaging equity focused access.