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Društvena istraživanja, Journal for General Social Issues







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Institute of Social Sciences IVO PILAR


This research asks if social stratification is related to women's consumption practices of tableware in Zagreb. It uses analytical approaches based on research in the United States that has found a relationship between class stratification and consumer practices and asks how those theories are transferable (Holt, 1998). Research was conducted over nine months in Zagreb, from 2006 to 2007. Thirty women were interviewed in two age groups, from ages 45 to 65 and in their early twenties, from the working, middle and upper classes, to discuss how they acquire, use and display tableware. The major findings are that social class categories are related to consumption practices in Zagreb. As in the United States, education and employment are influences on status and consumption practices. However, in Zagreb, migration patterns have an influence on status and consumption. Stories of acquisition indicated that seeking consistency during rapid change is an influence in practices of tableware use in Zagreb. The findings point to further research on women's roles as status makers in the family, from their income to their consumption practices.


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