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In a target detection communication system, apparatus and method for determining the presence of probable targets based on contacts (which can indicate the presence of a target, noise, chatter, or objects not of interest) detected within a predefined position sector or sectors over a specified number of scans. The position of each detected contact, as a contact of interest, is compared with the positions of contacts detected at previous times or scans. Velocity profiles indicate which previous contacts support the likelihood that the contact of interest represents a target having a velocity within a defined band. The likelihood, which can be represented by a quality value, may be a function of number of contacts, timing of contacts, or both the number and timing of contacts in a given velocity profile. A preselected threshold value, which is related to false alarm rate, is compared to the most likely, or highest quality, velocity profile associated with a contact of interest. If the highest quality value exceeds the threshold value, an output is provided indicating that the contact of interest represents a probable target having a velocity within the band defined by the highest quality velocity profile.


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