Experimental Results and Appendices: Cortical Spectro-Temporal Model (CSTM).

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This repository holds three files:

  • File S1 Data. Cortical Spectro-Temporal Model (CSTM) experimental results data. It contains a spreadsheet including all the numerical results returned by the experiments as well as the complete Statistical Significance tests conducted in this work.
  • File S2 Data. CSTM complementary experimental results data. It contains a spreadsheet that includes all the numerical results returned by a complementary set of experiments.
  • File S1 Appendix. Computational Setup and Complementary Experiments. An appendix including the Computational Setup of our CSTM, which describes its object oriented inheritance structure as well as the parallelization strategy used for its implementation in High Performance Computing (HPC) resources. We also include Strong and Weak scaling tests of our implementation on HPC resources. An appendix including a battery of complementary experiments showing the classification accuracy levels of different instances of the EL in the CSTM.



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