ACM/IEEE CS Curriculum Mapping Project - An Ongoing Study

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This is an ongoing effort to map our curriculum at Loyola University Chicago to the established international guidelines (ACM and IEEE). We are motivated by the following research questions:

Q1: How do our degree requirements for CS, SE, IT, and Cybersecurity majors map to the ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula (and other) guidelines?

Q2: What are the actual learning outcomes in our foundation sequence courses?

Q3: Can generative AI large language/coding models help us to improve teaching of theoretical and practical (programming) topics?

Q4: Can we provide more historical/cultural context to CS students (also with the help of generative AI)?

Although the focus is on how the Loyola University Chicago CS curriculum maps to ACM/IEEE and related standards, our method of analysis may be helpful to others wanting to understand their own institution's CS (and related) curricula.


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