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2022 NNERPP Yearbook



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Kinder Institute for Urban Research - Rice University

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Houston, TX


Each year, about 14,000 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students graduate with one year of high school computer science (CS) in fulfillment of the district’s CS graduation requirement. This accomplishment was the culmination of a decade of work by the Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFÉCS), which includes CPS teachers and administrators, university CS faculty, and educational researchers. CAFÉCS research indicates that CPS significantly increased the capacity of schools to offer the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) introductory course, resulting in a rapid, equitable increase in students’ participation in CS. Making CS mandatory did not negatively impact performance in ECS. Students after the graduation requirement were also equally likely to be inspired to take additional CS coursework, thus doubling the number of students pursuing CS pathways. A large number of these students are now attending the City Colleges of Chicago with increased interest in CS. Recently, CAFÉCS launched a collaboration with Wright College (one of the City Colleges) and Mentor Collective to support students as they transition from CPS to the city colleges. A pilot group of 17 Wright College students are receiving peer mentoring from students at UIC and DePaul.


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