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Scientific Software Days


We have designed and implemented RestFS, a software framework that provides a uniform, configurable connector layer for mapping remote web-based resources to local filesystem-based resources, recognizing the similarity between these two types of resources. Such mappings enable programmatic access to a resource, as well as composition of two or more resources, through the local operating system’s standard filesystem application programming interface (API), script-able file-based command-line utilities, and interprocess communication (IPC) mechanisms. The framework supports automatic and manual authentication.

As part of this talk, we demonstrate a new filesystem that interfaces to the service to support 3D model visualization. For more information about the NOFS project, visit, where you can also download and use all of our reference filesystems.


Scientific Software Days 2012,


SketchFabFS, (complete instructions to download, build, and run SketchFabFS)

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