Getting Started

We welcome your interest in participating in eCommons, which is an important piece of Loyola's mission, as well as a great way to get your scholarly work noticed and cited. eCommons is a full-text database of Loyola produced scholarly material including all media types including text, image, and video.

Publishing Open Access

Loyola University Chicago Libraries has several programs with academic publishers available to faculty that cover publishing costs for making your work open access in participating journals. For more information and the participating publishers, please see this guide.

Your faculty subject librarian may be able to provide additional guidance on options for open access publishing in your discipline and other programs available for supporting the costs, or choosing an appropriate no-fee open access journal.

Submitting Material

You may submit articles, conference presentations, or any other scholarly material to eCommons at any time through the eCommons interface. If you are submitting a journal article, we request that you submit your author's accepted manuscript. If we may post the published version we will take care of that for you. Usually checking copyright permissions, editing the metadata and verifying the submission file takes 1-2 weeks.

Another option is to send citations or files you’d like to post by email. We can also review your whole CV for what items may be made open access. If you would like to have us review multiple items, please email .


Some publishers do not permit any use of articles in institutional repositories. In this case, we can start a SelectedWorks profile for you and include links to any articles that we are not able to post in eCommons. We ask that you submit your full text work to eCommons first, and then use the collection tool in SelectedWorks to grab those citations (this will include citations that live in other repositories that run on the same software). You can edit this page to create a sophisticated research profile that includes all your work. Your subject specialist or the eCommons administrator can help you with this process.

Need Help?

Check our list of frequently asked questions. You can always contact your subject specialist or the eCommons administrator at .