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Mutual beneficial partnerships for teacher preparation are vital to universities. One of the untapped resources for teacher preparation are Informal Education Institutions (IEI). Some scholars believe that successful partnerships between universities and local IEIs are important for the future of teacher education (McKinnon & Lamberts, 2014; Kisiel & Anderson, 2010). Yet, there is little research to guide practice in this area (American Alliance for Museums, 2014; Buys & Bursnall, 2007). The purpose of this interpretive study is to add to the literature base reporting on university €“ IEI partnerships developed specifically to support initial teacher preparation and to make the connection between educators doing this type of work. Loyola University Chicago's Cultural Institution in Teacher Education (CITE) partnership served as the focus of this study. Studying effective models of teacher preparation partnerships such as the CITE partnership is important for the future of teacher preparation. This study encourages open communication and research around these types of university-IEI partnerships. This study reveals the inner workings and relationships within the CITE partnership and makes recommendations to educators doing this type of work.

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