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Both as an art and assessment, music demonstration and performance in test-taking are closely related. Particular traits are shared between performance in test-taking in the classroom and musical performance "on stage." Tests and performances are normally considered a "high-stakes" setting when the quality and perception of one's skill are under critical scrutiny. Since undergraduate and graduate music students experience assessments in both performance and academic areas, this study allowed consideration for the connections where these two areas overlap, and the possible interventions students may have initiated that are effective in stemming or reducing anxiety. Students' experiences regarding Music Performance Anxiety were explored. Students' test experiences were also explored and related to MPA for possible relationships. This study created a web of shared circumstances and issues in normally individualistic occurrences in the discipline of music and academics. Questions in this study desired to explore: To what extent is there a connection between anxiety experienced in performance and academic assessment among college music students? What is the understanding of the effects of anxiety on both music performance and academic assessment? Do self-efficacy and motivation create a positive experience and increased performance for music students who experience MPA and testing anxiety? The researcher believes that there is a relationship between Music Performance Anxiety and Classroom Test Anxiety. It was the

intent of the researcher to present the experiences of respondents into a larger perspective, so that a better understanding could be achieved for those who empathize with people who experience MPA and TA and for the students' who reflected on their answers for this research with the opportunity to understand their own motivations, emotions, and experiences. The researcher found that there was a relationship between Music Performance Anxiety and Test Anxiety. The researcher was able to place the anxiety of the students in context of their experiences and was able to delve into the interventions they practiced in order to stem their anxiety.