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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Social Work


This qualitative, phenomenological study used Standpoint Theory combined with Positionality theories as a lens to understand the data and an analytical tool to determine how school-based social workers consider their general 'sense of self' within their professional decisions and practice approaches. Findings included three main themes that emerged from the data regarding participants' overall 'sense of self' within school-based social work practices: social structure, personal identity, and professional role. Participants described these influences in fluid, flexible, and dynamic ways, and as having both positive and negative impact on their professional practices. These three components of school-based social work practice came together to form a conceptual term and accompanying model ('School Standpoint' Model). The findings in this study have implications for: advancing pre-service training for social workers in schools, improving current practice approaches through use of cultural humility, and show necessity to enhance educational policy in relation to school-based social workers' job roles and responsibilities.

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