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Master of Science (MS)


Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy


Ruptured vesicles have been associated with pathological forms of α-synuclein during the development of PD. Galectin 3 (Gal3) is readily recruited to these ruptured vesicles, making it a potentially useful marker of vesicle rupture in PD and other diseases associated with vesicle rupture and lysosomal dysfunction. We were able to visualize and quantify the differences in Gal3 levels during infection with pathological α-synuclein in the rat brain. Having significantly high basal levels of Gal3, we found that the differentiated monocytes showed a nearly100 percent increase in intercellular levels of Gal3 after treatment with pathological α-synuclein. By expressing only the Carbohydrate Recognition Domain region of Gal3 fused with Photoactivatable GFP, we will be able to utilize Gal3 as a marker of ruptured vesicles in vivo.

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