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Physical Review A






The semiclassical WKB approximation method is reexamined in the context of nonrelativistic quantum-mechanical bound-state problems with broken supersymmetry (SUSY). This gives rise to an alternative quantization condition (denoted by BSWKB) which is different from the standard WKB formula and also different from the previously studied supersymmetric (SWKB) formula for unbroken SUSY. It is shown that to leading order in ħ, the BSWKB condition yields exact energy eigenvalues for shape-invariant potentials with broken SUSY (harmonic oscillator, Pöschl-Teller I and II) which are known to be analytically solvable. Further, we show explicitly that the higher-order corrections to these energy eigenvalues, up to sixth order in ħ, vanish identically. We also consider a number of examples of potentials with broken supersymmetry that are not analytically solvable. In particular, for the broken SUSY superpotential W=Ax2d [A>0, d=(integer)], we evaluate contributions up to the sixth order and show that these results are in excellent agreement with numerical solutions of the Schrödinger equation. While the numerical BSWKB results in lowest order are not always better than the corresponding WKB results, they are still a considerable improvement because they guarantee equality of the corresponding energy eigenvalues for the supersymmetric partner potentials V+ and V-. This is of special importance in those situations where these partner potentials are not related by parity.




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