Submission Guidelines for Physics: Faculty Publications and Other Works

What Can Be Submitted?

Materials submitted to the Physics: Faculty Publications and Other Works collection must be work conducted under the auspices of Physics: Faculty Publications and Other Works. For additional information, please contact .

In general, Loyola eCommons will collect, preserve, and provide access to scholarly, pedagogical, and creative materials created by the Loyola community, as well as works documenting the intellectual life of the university.

Submissions must meet the stated requirements for acceptance, and should reflect the intellectual and academic integrity of Loyola University Chicago. Research submitted must comply with policies and procedures mandated by the Office of Research, especially in regards to safety regulations, use of human subjects, and intellectual property.

To qualify for inclusion in the collection, works deposited must either:

  1. make some contribution to the body of research
  2. be an original creative work (or a facsimile thereof)
  3. comprise part of the teaching and learning process
  4. represent a significant part of the public record of the activities of the university community
  5. constitute a primary resource for further research and learning

Some examples of acceptable materials include: journal articles, conference papers, presentation slides or videos, poster presentations, technical reports, field notes, data sets, theses and dissertations, maps, charts, graphs, drawings, or diagrams, photos and/or images, audio and video recordings, original creative works (writing, visual materials, music, choreography, etc.), musical scores, bibliographies, syllabi, handouts, recorded lectures, discussions, or events, tests or other assessment tools, and university publications.

File Formats & Sizes

All digital file formats are accepted. Microsoft Word documents will be converted to PDF upon upload. Files of any size can be uploaded, though files larger than 25MB have the potential to cause problems with browser time-out during the upload process. For larger files, contact us.

If your materials are not in digital format, Loyola eCommons may be able to digitize and convert them for you. See Digitizing Your Materials for more information.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

When submitting materials, contributors must approve a license agreement, which grants Loyola University Chicago the non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the submission in electronic format. The author represents that the submission covered by this license is his/her original work and that he/she has the right to grant this license. The author further represents that the submission does not, to the best of his/her knowledge, infringe upon any third-party's copyright. See Copyright & Intellectual Property for more.

What Cannot Be Deposited

  • Student works, other than final copies of theses and dissertations submitted for a Master's or Doctorate degree, or those appearing in an official Loyola publication
  • Items whose appearance in the collection violate a previous copyright agreement, such as an agreement between and author and a journal publisher (See Working with Publishers for more information)
  • Learning objects which might contribute to cheating or unfair advantage in academic work (such as tests still in use, answers to problem sets, etc.)

Who Can Contribute?

Contributors to Loyola eCommons may include any persons officially affiliated with Loyola University Chicago. This includes faculty, instructors, administrators, affiliated researchers, visiting scholars, and staff. Non-affiliated scholars may also contribute material if the work has been co-authored with a Loyola University Chicago author.

Persons who are no longer directly affiliated with the university, including emeritus professors or alumni, may also submit material, provided that the work originated, took place, or was finished within the context of the university's spheres of teaching, research, and learning.

All contributions will be reviewed by repository staff to determine if they meet the criteria for inclusion. Loyola eCommons reserves the right to make final decisions about what materials will be accepted. Users who repeatedly submit materials in violation of stated policies will be blocked from further contributions.

Review of Submissions

All submissions will be reviewed by Loyola eCommons staff prior to inclusion in the collection. Loyola eCommons reserves the right to make final decisions about what materials will be accepted. In general, once submissions are approved, they cannot be removed, except in the case of copyright violations. See Policies for more information.

Revising Your Submission

If you publish this submission or a revised version elsewhere, for example in a journal, please send the citation of the new version to We will be able to inform repository users about the new version. If you would like to post a revised version of your submission, submit the new version as a separate submission, and include information about the original submission in the Comments field.