We would like to invite you to become an evaluator for the annual URES Symposium. We are in need of evaluators and would love it if you or folks you may know would be willing to participate in a few evaluations as we support some amazing student research here on campus. Feel free to pass this along to any staff, faculty, graduate students, alumni or community partners that may be interested.

The Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium will be held from Saturday, April 24th through Friday, April 30th, 2021 and is sponsored by the Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship. We invite you to serve as an evaluator for Loyola students’ research, creative activity, and community engagement projects. This celebration of students’ scholarly work is a meaningful opportunity to review and engage with our Loyola students and the community-based learning work and research projects they have been doing over the past year. To foster a learning-centered approach, we invite you to provide constructive and positive feedback on their research.

You can sign up to become an evaluator via this form: https://forms.gle/1MvkVK4E5oaV9Fnf8

Evaluator Form Guidelines

  • Please enter in all your information correctly and accurately
  • This is meant to celebrate and enhance the student experience by providing constructive and positive feedback. This is not an assessment or “grade”.
  • Rubrics are attached for reviewing purposes. Select where you believe the student ranks on a scale from 1 to 3 for each item.
  • Please provide detailed, constructive, positive feedback in the comment section. This is very meaningful for students and sometimes their favorite part. These comments are anonymously shared with them after review and at the end of the annual symposium.

For any questions, please contact .