Research-Practice Partnership Strategies to Conduct and Use Research to Inform Practice

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Annual meeting of American Educational Research Association


Given the complex challenges inherent in improving the quality of education, research-practice partnerships (RPPs) aim to bring together research and practice educators to conduct and use research to improve outcomes for students. This collaborative approach is challenging, and often requires members to adopt new ways of working (Coburn, Penuel, & Geil, 2013). RPPs have the potential to provide an infrastructure and mechanisms to integrate and unify research, policy, and practice, in contrast to traditional research processes in which research, policy, and practice can be in tension (Desimone, Wolford, Hill, 2016). The RPP literature is still young, and rich descriptions related to what these activities actually look like in practice are just beginning to emerge. This paper describes tools and routines that the CAFÉCS RPP uses to systematically and collaboratively conduct and use research to inform practice.



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