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Cindy Watson

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Name of Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jenny O'Rourke, PhD, APRN, CHSE

Nature and scope of the project

This feasibility project aims to evaluate peripheral intravenous (PIV) knowledge, access competencies, and confidence of experienced homecare infusion registered nurses before and after an education bundle based on current evidence-based practice (EBP) and standards. The education bundle will include three tools for evaluation, an online training video, and a live video demonstration of PIV skills on a task trainer for the trainer educator.

It is anticipated that the education bundle will improve PIV skills competency, confidence, and knowledge of experienced registered nurses when providing PIV access for home infusion therapy.

Synthesis and analysis of supporting literature

A synthesis of the literature supports that experienced homecare infusion therapy registered nurses must be skilled and competent when performing PIV access. Moreover, three of these studies assert that clinical variabilities in performance are related to the lack of standardized training and believe that using EBP guidelines can minimize PIV access variables to ensure positive clinical outcomes.

Project implementation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project will be conducted in the Simulation Lab (SIMLAB) at Loyola University. It will utilize a proxy population of volunteer experienced graduate registered nurses with PIV experience.

Evaluation criteria

Three tools will be used. The Peripheral IV Catheter Insertion Confidence Assessment, developed by Schuster, Stahl, Murray, and Glover (2016): PIV Catheter Insertion Skills Checklist, created by Schuster, Stahl, Murray, Keleekai, and Glover (2016): PIV knowledge self-assessment test, which includes ten multiple-choice, true, or false, and yes or no answers.


Knowledge, PIV skills competency, and advanced confidence of experienced home care infusion therapy registered nurses will be evaluated pre- and post-infusion therapy education.


This feasibility project is currently underway, but it is anticipated that the finding will support a bundled education on PIV for all experienced registered nurses providing home infusion therapy.



A feasibility project utilizing blended education to increase knowledge, skills competency, and confidence of experienced registered nurses providing peripheral intravenous acess for Home Infusion Therapy