Loyola eCommons is an open-access, sustainable, and secure resource created to preserve and provide access to research, scholarship, and creative works created by the university community for the benefit of Loyola students, faculty, staff, and the larger academic community.

Sponsored by the University Libraries, Loyola eCommons is a suite of online resources, services, and people working in concert to facilitate a wide range of scholarly and archival activities, including collaboration, resource sharing, author rights management, digitization, preservation, and access by a global academic audience.

Loyola eCommons provides access to both published and unpublished works, including:

  • · journal articles
  • · conference papers
  • · presentations
  • · creative works
  • · theses & dissertations
  • · audio & video
  • · teaching materials
  • · data sets

3,850 papers to date 678,654 full-text downloads to date 436,016 downloads in the past year